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Rummenigge interview
About Sanches transfer:
"The boy also had an offer from Man Utd and if we didn't close the transfer as fast as we did he would end up in England. That how the market is these days. If you want a player of his potential you have act much earlier than in the past. Or the players is gone. Today we have a nation (England) we huge resources that rises the price in the sky. The player know all too well what money is being earned in Italy, Spain and specially in England."

About resigning key Bayern players (Muller, Boateng, Alaba....):
"We wanted to close the doors. All the players we extended were having offers from abroad. We wanted to show that Bayern Munich their most important player won't sell for any price. This is the unpleasent side effect. England is pushing wages in Germany upwards."
"Last year we had crazy offer from Man Utd for Thomas Muller and we didn't think even for a second to accept it. With that offer we would get money for record books".

About failed attempt to sign De Bruyne:
"We had an offer in 2015 (from Wolfsburg) to buy player in 2016. The price, transfer fee + salary would have ben well over 100m € and we couldn't take that risk. He could injure himsfelf and we didn't know if would still need him in 2016. Now we have sign a central defended in Hummels because we now have enough quantity and quality in offense."

About Leicester winning the title:
"Leicester winn the PL was husge surprise but we have to know that they got over 100m from TV money which twice what Bayern for example got and thats why middle of the pack clubs in England have more options to those in Germany."

About sporting quality and growing structure in England:
"We are making big mistake if we think that in England people are idiots who we are milking (for money) where we grow the players and then sell the for a lot of money to them. The structures in England are catching up fast. Soon there will be no English coach anymore in PL. It will bexciting to see how Pep does at Man City in trying to revolution the game because his style will be revolution for PL. Also on the second level the English are making progress. Fitness and nutrition coach are for example leaving us to go to Liverpool. The same will happen in management. When there is a goodbye from traditional Manager in England who is coach and sporting director to separate jobs then will also be critical for Germany and the rest of Europe".

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