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The Eleventh CL Trophy
It is that time once again and CL Champions Real Madrid need to open the Spanish Treasury and empty the vault for a 2016-2017 Massive Spending Spree befitting Royalty.

Chiki, who will be coming in and who will be gone by August? Also, the blank cheque needs to be handed to Zizou for his exemplary effort in bringing the unprecedented 11th where it belongs enshrined at the Bernabeu.

Hala Madrid!!! Breaking the Bank Madrid Style. Coming to a Central Bank - Stadium near you...

[Image: 0e7f3ceda284c1e09c27de60668c0680.jpg]
Fuck Zidane (who is useless) and fuck Real Madrid.
We don't need anyone else. Perhaps someone to replace Marcelo, to duplicate that position. Or Perhaps Lewa, if Benzema is going to have problems with the court, Ronaldo must be our number 9. Nothing else. Just work instead of Cash.

Oddegard is waiting for his moment and Zidane will use the youth academy.
So what are the transfer targets (realist, because Lewa isn't realistic Caritas_05 )?
We only have to snap fingers to bring Lewa, man XD Didn't his agent say to your club about the possibility to play for Real?

Thanks Oblak to save a shit last Saturday lol
Well he won't be sold that was made clear. Yeah Oblak stinks at penalties, already against PSV there were 8 rounds and he didn't save any before the 8. guy missed it.
Oblak is great, he saved the good one lol Müller must be wondering why he was the chosen one? LoL
the damn irony
You'll see the dam irony again when Lewa wants to leave Munich. XD
[Image: 221a336335acef45bfbcfd9c32bd5921.jpg]

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