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Real Madrid 2017/2018
You trail by 13 points, Real has a game in hand and your squad is more expensive then any on the world but Man City and you write this shit?
  • 6: Real Madrid — €497 million (£438 million) ...
  • 5: FC Barcelona — €628 million (£555 million) ...
  • 4: Chelsea — €644 million (£567 million) ...
  • 3: Manchester United — €784 million (£690 million) ...
  • 2: Paris Saint-Germain — €850 million (£750 million) ...
  • 1: Manchester City — €853 million (£751.5 million)

But that doesnt matter. chiki spends his his whole time discussing United, when in fact his own team with far better players, isnt doing much better. 
who cares about the game in hand. they aint going to win la liga, barcelona are. and by a decent margin too.  you spent xyz so you should win xyz is a load of bollocks. leicester recently won the PL while every other team in the top 6 outspent them. stop with the crap
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#53 (don't know where you took those stats and it should be noted that PSG hasn't bough Mbappe yet so those numbers are wrong). Caritas_05
from here

but as i said, squad value is irrelevant....United's recruitment before Jose and after SAF hasnt been very good. madrids squad is world class, barca are fielding mediocre players like paulinho and running away with it.
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Agree with you with your last post (strange things happen Caritas_05 ). I have to correct you, thats not squad value but purchase value.
But Messi says hi

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Messi is God all other players in this world are his peasants Caritas_05
The Argentinian midget needed a redemption and we gave him one, we need all our rivals strong or all the chiringuito will fall down.
Its all good having games in hand....but if you dont win them, it means absolute FUCK ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

so madrid trail barca by a staggering 16points, considering all the quality madrid have and their 'massive spend' thats a hugely embarrassing gap, i think barca splashing 150m on another attacker was the final nail in the coffin for these HAS BEENS.  LMFAO

madridistas should learn to keep their mouths shut about other teams and focus on getting their own shit together Cf

16pts behind barca   Facepalm

7pts behind atletico   Facepalm

and 5pts behind valencia  Lol

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I hope they do a United and miss on top 4.

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