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Guitar. - Chikito.Sexappeal - 16-03-2016

I don't know if someone here plays any instrument or something about.

Let's share all about that stuff on here.

I am a very bad player, worse than bad lol a complete stump. 

If nobody plays any shit, close the useless thread then lol

RE: Guitar. - Rotimi - 16-03-2016

I would love to learn to play. Can't work up the nerve to actually give it a shot though

RE: Guitar. - Chikito.Sexappeal - 16-03-2016

Come one man, is frustrating sometimes but very addictive when you learn that's the deal with the guitar XD

If you'd love it, go go and do it.

RE: Guitar. - Redser - 16-03-2016

You playing and writing your own tunes, pink dipper?

Perhaps I can suggest a title for your first penned tune...

Don't be Jealousy

What do you think?

RE: Guitar. - Rotimi - 16-03-2016


RE: Guitar. - Chikito.Sexappeal - 16-03-2016

Come on red, if you doing well, I'll leave you clean my band's instruments.

RE: Guitar. - Redser - 16-03-2016

If you're any use, your groupies will do that for you

Do you call yourselves the pink dippers?

RE: Guitar. - Chikito.Sexappeal - 17-03-2016

Do you play something or just a shower singer or what?

RE: Guitar. - Redser - 18-03-2016

You can't expect me to answer that
When you blatantly ignore my question to you!
Are you called the pink dippers or what?

RE: Guitar. - Rotimi - 18-03-2016

Scouse Twats sounds good too...