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Code Of Conduct - AG86 - 10-07-2015

1 - It is totally forbidden not to slag someone off at least once a day
2 - Any mention of the scum from Islington MUST be derogatory
3 - ALL manc mafia members shall be reffered to as northern monkey fuckwits
4 - Anyone seen to be nice to others must have a fucking good reason or will be banished to the depths of hell over on footynuters and made to converse with themselves until they apologise unreservedly.
5 - AG86 will ALWAYS be a ginger mongtard and should be reminded of that fact on a daily basis
6 - It should be known that all Arsenal fans wet the bed.
7 - All postings on the Chelsea page should be respectful and lovely and smell of roses.
8 - I am chief twat (TEL) and NOBODY should forget that fact!
9 - Any infraction of these rules will result in an immediate 2 week unpaid hoilday to be spent in a greek bank with ALLIN eating copious amounts of sheeps bollox and and drinking razorblade flavour Raki until you throw up and ask for your mummy!

10 - The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!