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Run Jose ...Run... - ***** - 09-11-2017

If Jose does chicken out ...who would Utd  turn to... and would keeping the job in the family so to speak i.e. Ryan Giggs ( desperate to... err... like I say desperate)...Gordon Strachan ( fresh from his dynamic Scottish venture ) ... Steve Bruce (better off  at Villa though)  maybe Gary Neville (would he leave Carra a second time ?)  

From The 'Daily 'Mail''

''Manchester United fear boss Jose Mourinho will quit for Paris Saint-Germain as 'he cannot compete with Pep Guardiola's Manchester City''

RE: Run Jose ...Run... - bayern - 09-11-2017

Gary Neville with Phill Neville and Carragher as assistants. They'll be able to comment european games during the week on TV as they will be midtable team....

RE: Run Jose ...Run... - ***** - 09-11-2017

''Gary Neville with Phil Neville and Carragher''

A veritable dream ticket...not  forgetting Beckham as '  banana kick'  coach...

RE: Run Jose ...Run... - Chikito.Sexappeal - 09-11-2017

Banana Kick coach lol Mr one smile, 10 punds in the box.

Scholes and Brother fucker (bicephaly) as head-coach plus Neville to move dummies on a scream in the cloak room plus Cantona and Keane to put the guys straight on and Mr banana'kick as public relations, and then SAF sat in the Iron Chair, contemplating all.

Rotimi,Bobby and RedSer would come if they read my organisation chart.