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Manchester United - Mike Smalling - 30-10-2017

A homegrown player has been included in every United squad since October 30th 1937

Starting exactly 80 years ago today


[Image: 22815636_457411691322029_387055060753070...e=5AAEFB22]

RE: Manchester United - Southside - 30-10-2017

what a shame the vast majority of their fans are from anywhere but Manchester then eh

RE: Manchester United - Rotimi - 31-10-2017

That's true with EVERY big club, States.

RE: Manchester United - Chikito.Sexappeal - 31-10-2017

That's great Bobby. But but but, Moureen must not be included in this one . XD

RE: Manchester United - Mike Smalling - 31-10-2017

As it stands in Group A - United could wrap up progression to the knockout stages tonight!

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RE: Utd on the move ? - ***** - 01-11-2017

The  demographics of  the so called 'Red half'  of Manchester'  in terms of  where they were brought up ...must be a staggering stat ...and the added potential of the likes of MCFC  ...CFC al...  the club may have to move to a new location in order to attain a new open minded type fanbase / catchment area ...due to being in the shadow of  more successful  clubs..
The Old Trafford faithful has become akin to the United Nations... red flagging a future weakness...  which means staying in Manchester could become secondary to  filling a stadium with a  new breed of  local supporters  cheering their team come what may...something this current batch wont ever do !   

que sera sera...whatever will be will be we are going to ...???

Mind bogglin aint it ...


RE: Manchester United - Chikito.Sexappeal - 06-11-2017

Mate, get out of the cave and tell us what happened yesterday.

RE: Manchester United - Southside - 07-11-2017

apparently United lost sunday because they’ve always had a bad record there even under Sir Fergalot

that was Bobby’s response chiki


RE: Manchester United - Chikito.Sexappeal - 07-11-2017


Did you heard the echo of his cave???

Exactly, they lost because is a tradition to loose there, so next year they'll have to loose again to please traditionalist mancs.

RE: Manchester United - Chikito.Sexappeal - 07-11-2017

Rotimi and Redser, tell us what happened last Sunday, mates.