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everton - Mike Smalling - 30-10-2017

Hahahahahahahahahahhaaha no wonder ICBLUE deleted all his deluded posts!!!!!

he was on here a few months ago, telling us how great everton are, they wont miss lukaku, he's a flat track bully, goes missing in big games, we didnt rely on lukaku blah blah fucking BLAH!!!!!!!!

social media was awash with evertonians spouting the same crap!!!!!!! where are they now?!!!!!!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Image: 22815208_1541776505859239_87596126439565...e=5A7BA4A7]

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Cf

RE: everton - Mike Smalling - 30-10-2017

Sounds like someones still a bit salty over the 4-0 thrashing...

to rub salt in the wounds Lukaku only goes and nets in the 89th minute Mocking

[Image: 22851866_1528346807230355_82035790064049...e=5A6DC6A9]

and you've been hiding under a rock ever since.....................EMBARRASSIN

RELEGATION FODDER, thats what everton have become Caritas_32

RE: everton - Chikito.Sexappeal - 15-12-2017

I think United will end closer in the table to Everton than City. XD