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Full Version: Silence is golden
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Where are all the Liverpool fans?  Unknown
Well another hit for so called PL supremecy. 7. in Spain outplayed 8. in PL in a European Cup final.
[Image: FB_IMG_1463646744866_1.jpg]

Caritas_05 Biggrin
Love it!

Slagging United all week about having to play in a competiton they were desperate to win, and believing that champions league qualification was a formality, that they just had to turn up last night.
They are a bang average group, with an overrated, bully boy manager.

Well done to Sevilla
Hahahahahaha! Where's Chilli beans?
On the way home from Switzerland, I would imagine.
Basel was never a good place for English clubs.
(19-05-2016, 12:22 PM)Rotimi Wrote: [ -> ]Hahahahahaha! Where's Chilli beans?

Where's Papa  Caritas_26
(19-05-2016, 01:16 PM)Redser Wrote: [ -> ]On the way home from Switzerland, I would imagine.

Or probably still cursing Klopp and crying into his sick bucket

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