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Full Version: Guitar.
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I don't know if someone here plays any instrument or something about.

Let's share all about that stuff on here.

I am a very bad player, worse than bad lol a complete stump. 

If nobody plays any shit, close the useless thread then lol
I would love to learn to play. Can't work up the nerve to actually give it a shot though
Come one man, is frustrating sometimes but very addictive when you learn that's the deal with the guitar XD

If you'd love it, go go and do it.
You playing and writing your own tunes, pink dipper?

Perhaps I can suggest a title for your first penned tune...

Don't be Jealousy

What do you think?
Come on red, if you doing well, I'll leave you clean my band's instruments.
If you're any use, your groupies will do that for you

Do you call yourselves the pink dippers?
Do you play something or just a shower singer or what?
You can't expect me to answer that
When you blatantly ignore my question to you!
Are you called the pink dippers or what?
Scouse Twats sounds good too...
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