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There's been a lot of these twats on the site recently. I've updated the board settings to hopefully reduce the number of spammers that sign up, we'll have to see if it makes a difference. In the meantime, I'll ban and remove any that come in but as I'm not on here all the time then they may be left for a bit, just ignore them and please don't reply to them as I can't prune the replies.

If the new changes don't work I might have to recruit some mods to help me.

How do they get on here AG?
Do you not have to activate their account like on FN?
I didn't have it switched on initially so people could just sign up and start posting but that's one of the things I've now added so any new users will have to be activated manually by myself.
Good man AG, I expect all these little things take time, but you're getting there Girl
I believe you should be the only mod here AG as when we had too many it caused too many problems, but if you need some help cleaning the spam and that is it then I'm willing to help. I saw it at least 5 hours ago and since I'm in a different time zone, I could get rid of it while you guys are still in bed.
I can actually set up mods to purge the spammers but who don't have any more power than that so I if you want to be one of them then I can set that up for you!
Goog Idea Aussie, they are getting a pain in the arse.
Yeah I'm all up for that, anything to get rid of that shitty spam
Its easy done now Aussie, you don't have to log into Admin, just press on their name and it says "purge Spammer".. press that..done..they're gone.
Alright cool so any spam that appears you just need to click on the username and then you should get a link in their profile under "Moderator Options" called "Purge Spammer", if you click on that it'll ban the user and prune all their posts.
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