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Full Version: Manchester United
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A homegrown player has been included in every United squad since October 30th 1937

Starting exactly 80 years ago today


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what a shame the vast majority of their fans are from anywhere but Manchester then eh
That's true with EVERY big club, States.
That's great Bobby. But but but, Moureen must not be included in this one . XD
As it stands in Group A - United could wrap up progression to the knockout stages tonight!

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The  demographics of  the so called 'Red half'  of Manchester'  in terms of  where they were brought up ...must be a staggering stat ...and the added potential of the likes of MCFC  ...CFC al...  the club may have to move to a new location in order to attain a new open minded type fanbase / catchment area ...due to being in the shadow of  more successful  clubs..
The Old Trafford faithful has become akin to the United Nations... red flagging a future weakness...  which means staying in Manchester could become secondary to  filling a stadium with a  new breed of  local supporters  cheering their team come what may...something this current batch wont ever do !   

que sera sera...whatever will be will be we are going to ...???

Mind bogglin aint it ...

Mate, get out of the cave and tell us what happened yesterday.
apparently United lost sunday because they’ve always had a bad record there even under Sir Fergalot

that was Bobby’s response chiki


Did you heard the echo of his cave???

Exactly, they lost because is a tradition to loose there, so next year they'll have to loose again to please traditionalist mancs.
Rotimi and Redser, tell us what happened last Sunday, mates.